Tuesday 18 October 2011

Sonal Srivastava [ MBA ] International Travel Consultant AeroSoft Corp




I am a Non Professional City Tour Guide and Explorer.
I am proud to be born in Indore.
I simply love what I do. I am a Master of Business Management by Professsion.

As a tour guide I am developing a feeling of gratitude and honor to come in contact with people of vivid nationalities travelling to Mini Mumbai (Indore) & Land of Rajwadas (Rajasthan)for pleasure or on business.

As a versatile Tour operator, I worked out numerous tour programs and itineraries for foreign Guests and visitors travelling on business or for pleasure.

I truly love my job and creating arid tour programs and make them working.Let me invite you along on a guided tour in and around Mini Mumbai (Indore) which has a fusion of modern and traditional cultures embedded and Land of Rajwadas (Rajasthan) with royalty and art of culture.

I would be happy to take you around showing my favourite sights,
picturesque lanes full of unique architectural details and reveal
 some of the mysteries. If you have any special preferences /interests
I would be more than happy to prepare a new presized tour to include your interests and preferences.

I hope you will also share my passion of taking interest in meeting new people with the hint of versatility and their culture . I look forward to meet you in Mini Mumbai (Indore) & Land Of Rajwadas (Rajasthan)  soon!

Say " Namastey " to
Incredible India


Sonal Srivastava  [ MBA HR] 
International Travel Consultant
AeroSoft Corp

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